10:54 pm
29 May 2023

Reading and writing experiences

I attended several writing conference, invited by my local group director, to present the paper “Reading municipal festivals, a reading experience”, which discussed the work done on my school that year.

In my last conference, scattered in working tables, activities begun at nine in the morning and finished at eight pm. 131 papers were presented on teaching experiences on reading and writing, particularly in basic education, and 20 workshops were conducted on strategies to foster reading and the production of texts at school. The main speech “Projects pedagogy as a trampoline of learning” sponsored by my school since 1994, which groups thousands of teachers from all over the country.

It is necessary to comment and praise, particularly, two things: the first, the amazing display of organization and logistics that was implied in developing this event on the UPN facilities; and the other, the satisfaction of realizing how many teachers in classrooms throughout the whole Latin-America region are worried, busy, and cheerfully promoting the development of competencies, capabilities, and abilities of their students related to reading and writing.

The purpose of the event was over-accomplished, as hundreds of teachers could share for three days experiences on reading and writing, of short, medium, and large impact, as per its coverage and its transcendence, that is, some were classroom experiences, others from schools, and others involving the whole community (as was our case), but which in all cases testify on the interest for a student, a group, a school, or a society to value and assign importance to the practice of reading and writing as an irreplaceable condition to forge better learned, educated, and thinking people, capable of understanding ideas of others and of sharing their own.

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